Terms & Conditions

You must seek your manager's permission to attend any of our courses prior to booking.

This training is funded from the annual contributions made to the Safeguarding Children Partnership by its constituent agencies. All training in this brochure is free of charge to any person employed by one of the GSCP partner agencies or a not-for-profit organisation in Royal Greenwich.

There will be a charge of £100 per full day or £50 per half day session for applicants from independent and private sector organisations, free schools, and for all agencies outside the borough. You will be invoiced this amount after the course.

We offer very favourable competitive rates compared to other training providers in the area and we are more than happy to negotiate a block booking rate.

Most of the GSCP courses are heavily over-subscribed and whilst we try to arrange courses to meet demand, not all applicants are successful. Short-listing may take place before the course and applicants are notified in writing whether or not they have been allocated a place

Cancellations and Non Attendance

Unfortunately, we do experience a significant problem with non-attendance and late cancellations.


As demand for GSCP courses is high and some applications may be unsuccessful, early cancellation is important in order that the place can be offered to another participant.

You are able to cancel your own place 2 days before the course by logging into GSCP events page.

If you wish to cancel your place less than two days before the date of the course you must phone us on 020 8921 5713 or email us at safeguardingtraining@royalgreenwich.gov.uk. You will not be able to cancel your own place with less than two days to go and such cancellations will incur an £80 late cancellation fee for full day courses or £40 for half day courses.

Non Attendance

If you do are unable to attend a course that you have booked on to, we expect you to contact us to inform us of this. If you do not inform us and do not attend we will email you and your manager/finance team (you would have given us these details when you created an account to book onto our events) and your organisation will be charged £100 for non-attendance of a full day course or £50 for a half day.

Unforeseen events/exceptional circumstances

We understand that unforeseen events/exceptional circumstances can lead to non-attendance or late cancellation, in which case, the GSCB may consider waiving the non-attendance / late cancellation fee. You must request the fee to be waived at your earliest opportunity by emailing safeguardingtraining@royalgreenwich.gov.uk. The GSCP will use their discretion in deciding whether an exception will be made.

GSCP Training Cancellation

Due to unforeseen circumstances such as trainer illness or adverse weather conditions, on rare occasions, the GSCP may be required to cancel training with limited notice. If this occurs we will cancel any training charges but will not reimburse other costs incurred by organisations such as those incurred in releasing staff to attend courses or travel expenses.


All learners are asked to make every effort to arrive in good time.

Late arrival is disruptive & discourteous to the trainer & to the group as a whole.

Signs on the door ask latecomers to knock & await permission to enter the room.

Any person arriving more than 30 minutes late (15 minutes for virtual training sessions) will be refused admission (except under exceptional circumstances, AND with the trainer’s agreement)

Persons that are excluded may be sent back to their place of work, and an email will be sent to their manager. You may be charged a non-attendance fee.

Learners are expected to attend the whole course. Leaving early is not an acceptable practice, and your certificate may be withheld.